Sunday, February 6, 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs

I am beside myself.
Last summer I started watching the series Upstairs, Downstairs. Gosford Park is one of my favorite movies of all time and after about the 150th viewing, I finally decided to check out Upstairs, Downstairs as it is often compared and mentioned when people discuss Gosford Park

 Upstairs Downstairs 1970's cast

I was instantly smitten. I don't know what it is exactly. I can entirely understand those who find this kind of thing extremely boring, but for my part, I just can't get enough of English accents, grand houses, the extravagant lives of the Upstairs and the equally (if not more) intriguing lives of those who worked for them Downstairs.  

I am recently returning to Upstairs, Downstairs after a brief Netflix hiatus that was filled with Battlestar Galactica. (It's good to mix things up!) I've been hearing a lot about the new mini series Downton Abbey so I headed over to the PBS website for further research and what should I find there???


Watch the full episode. See more Masterpiece.

This April the Bellamy House will be occupied once again and inviting back at least one of the original cast members! I really can't wait!

One of the things that was so striking to me in the original, was the show's willingness to tackle what seems to be such "controversial" issues not only for the time period of the show, but also for the time period it was originally aired. At least one episode was actually pulled from US broadcasting as it was considered "not suitable for viewing".

Does anyone else find this as exciting as I do?
What are some of your favorites shows?


Róisín said...

Never actually watched the original series but the remake was on BBC there a couple of weeks ago and I intended watching it but I missed the first one and then thought there was no point in picking up half way through. I keep meaning to go on their i-player to watch it though, but I'd really need to get my skates on while it's still up there! Oh, and I did tell you I finished watching BSG a while back, didn't I? Well, if I didn't say it already I'll say it now - you were spot on, it was bloody brilliant! I actually haven't really started watching anything since, can't bring myself to get back into another series of something. I'm the same when I read a good book, I find it very hard to enjoy another for a while afterwards.

Oh, and as for what you were asking about Tumblr, I have to say I'm no expert but there's a few annoying things I've started to notice about it. I still LOVE it, but recently I've noticed when someone uploads a picture all properly with the links, credits etc a little while later other users uploaded it themselves without anything of the sort. I think what they do it save it onto their own computer then re-upload. It's quite baffling really. I think it's because they want to seem original and don't want the 'reblogged from' carry on their page. I still don't understand it though. I uploaded a few images recently directly from a few obscure sites and then a couple of my followers uploaded the exact same pictures a few minutes later - with no link to the person's work of course. And I even came across a couple of my own Flickr photos that some people had blogged as well, again with no credit. That was actually quite flattering but still annoying all the same. As I said, I'm still not sure why they do it when it's actually easier just to do things properly. No wonder the site has been threatened with closure in the past due to copyright breaches. Anyhow, enought ranting.

How are you my dear anyway? Any news on the eyes yet?

Sew Adventurous said...

Oh I LOVE these types of shows! I loved Downton Abbey! I'll watch ANYTHING where that is a period piece with an old manor house in England! Sign me up! But funny enough, I haven't gotten around to watching Upstairs Downstairs...but it's ON my list!

(PS...I heard there is a new BSG special coming soon--which will be about Adama called Blood & Chrome!)

Molly said...

Downton Abbey is sooooo good! I can't wait for Upstairs Downstairs. I cannot get enough of PBS Masterpiece.

TheBlakkDuchess said...

I haven't seen these shows, but Britt's OBSESSED with Battlestar Galactica... omg... @_@

It's all she's been watching. XD

I'm glad you're enjoying the daybook posts! They fill me with contentment as well, and kind of help me make sure that at least once a week I take a bit of time to just chill out & zen. To take a few moments & take in my surroundings. I'm really loving writing them!

Your walk to work in the mornings sounds positively magical! ^-^ My walks home from work (if I walk...) can be like that... I love to watch the sun rising, which it's usually doing right as I leave work. ^-^

I've had a pretty good week & I hope you have as well.


Gypsea Tree {Steam Spectre} said...

@Róisín: Yes excellent points about Tumlbr. I can see how it would be both flattering and disconcerting to find your own work uncredited there. Copyright protection and creative theft is a subject that can make my blood boil and is completely out of control on the internet. I think I should post about this eventually, because I have lots to say about it. I'm trying to be a "good Tumblr" but sometimes it does kind of confuse me. LOL. Sometimes when you click on the link it takes you to a post and sometimes to the original source. I guess this is the whole problem...
Eyes are doing WAY better- thank you! So far it's a mystery as to the cause, but a I can see again, I'm extremely relieved.

@Sew Adventurous: YES! British Accent and English Manor? I don't care what its about: my attention is officially captured! Sometimes I try to understand the psychology of this fascination, but then I get distracted by tea time... :-) Also I started jumping up and down when I read about the BSG special! SO exciting!!!

@Molly: I just watched nearly all of Downtown Abbey on Netflix yesterday. I have one episode left and I was trying to save it, but I doubt I can hold out till the end of the day... I loved it!

@Blackduchess: I guess Britt must be totally cool then! :-)
Yes, I definitely love the daybook posts. They have inspired my to attempt daily journaling again. When I actually do it, it's so fulfilling.
And hurray for work walks that involve sunrise and mountains!