Sunday, May 15, 2011


Sundays are my favorite blog days. I love how many people publish little to-do lists or muse on "Sunday reflections". I feel like I'm often in a perpetual state of reflection so this particularly resonates. In fact, the photo above seems to very accurately reflect my general state of mind- a little lonely, a little misty, and always gazing off into the distance feeling hopeful I will eventually find what I'm looking for there.

It has been pouring non-stop since last night and it has created the perfect Sunday ambiance. I left the window open all night and am still lounging in bed listening to the birds and the gentle fall of the rain. Today I hope to do a little more unpacking and settling in, to write a bit, to bake something, to stock up for the week at the store, and to generally relax and organize for a successful week ahead.

What are your Sunday plans?


Melissa said...

If I posted a picture of how I was feeling today it would be of an enormous elephant eating Resess Peanutbutter cups with his stomach hanging over her knees! ha...I am so serious!!! I need to stop eating!!!!

I love Sundays too! My entire family HATES Sundays....but I love them...they are quiet and family oriented....and there are usually great movies on. I always go to the grocery store on Sundays too, so there is always a stocked fridge and the prospect of what I will bake for the week ahead. I think this week will be more snickerdoodle muffins, peanutbutter cookies, and pesto (not to be eaten together of course:) I may have to invite someone over to enjoy my pesto with is too delish to be eaten alone. .....perhaps you could swing by in your gypsea caravan and we could have wine and pesto/tomatos/parmesean cheese over bread right out of the oven? We could keep the gypsea twinkle lights on throught the night and have a twilight twinkle party? ;)xo

Shell said...

Today is a perfect dreamy Sunday. That picture captures my mood. Alas, Sundays I have to work. I can still get dreamy with a post like yours.

poet said...

Beautiful! I missed out on my Sunday Something this week... still recovering from laryngitis, so I'm taking things slowly... We had some rain too, and I agree, as long as one can keep dry in the safe indoors it creates a great ambiance.

Róisín said...

Aw, what a wonderful post - such ambience! I love Sundays too, Himself usually visits his folks and I always have the place to myself. It's not that I want him gone, or that I don't like visiting his family, it's just that it's great having one day a week totally to myself. Anyway, I'm glad to see you're relaxing a bit - sounds like you needed it!

TheBlakkDuchess said...

Your mind picture looks rather like my mind feels too... Except much more serene. ^-^

Hoping your Sunday was as nice as it sounds like it was. I'm happy that the rain broke for a bit this evening so I could get the dirt into my garden bed! =D

Hope you have a lovely week! ^-^


Missantrhopics said...

Sunday is much like any other day to me. I don't run on a regular schedule. Sometimes I have weekends like normal people, and sometimes my weekend falls in the middle of the week! My work hours are very unpredictable! But I remember when I used to have Sundays, and I hated them. Sunday is the last day, the stopping day. There's never anything interesting to do on a Sunday and the unrelenting boredom always makes me feel like I'm running out of time.